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2017 Announce ARM based smart meter SOC solution
2016 Announce Apple storage and reader solutions
2015 Announce USB faster charger, SD card reader and HUB solution
2014 Highly sentive sensor platform solution
2013 Announced SuperSpeed USB3.0 Host to Host Multi-Class Controller IC
2012 Announced USB2.0 Platform controller
2011 Announce AEC-Q100 Hall sensor on Car application
2010 Announced SuperSpeed USB3.0 to SATAII Bridge controller IC
2008 Announced MI sensor controller chip
2005 AMI601”G2 motion sensor” (PL-0501 inside) won an award for “Best of Sensor Expo Gold Winners” in Sensor Expo 2006 USA. Embedded Hall DC Fan Driver IC(HIC) qualified by Mircosoft XBOX Announced the world's first support vista flash memory disk chip controller.
2004 Awarded by the Ministry of Economics with the 12th Awards for Industrial Technology Advancement- Outstanding Award Ranked as No. 22nd in "Taiwan Technology Top 100" by Business Next Biweekly A promising IC design house, ranked as the most competitive fabless company in Taiwan by Merrill Lynch
2003 "JAVA Multimedia Information Appliance Development Project" approved by the Industrial Technology Development Program of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C Announced SOC products PL-1061 SOC Mobile Computing Solution awarded “The Best of Taiwan’s Best Awards” by Eurotrade at Computex Taipei 2003
2002 Announced the USB Portable Flash Memory Disk Controller, USB to Serial Bridge Controller awarded ”The Best of Taiwan's Best Awards” by Eurotrade at Computex Taipei 2002, Announced Hall IC products Announced USB2.0 Series ICs (USB2.0-USB2.0, USB2.0/IEEE1394-IDE, USB2.0-IDE, USB2.0 Docking, USB2.0 Device, USB2.0 Flash Disk Controller).
2001 Announced the USB1.1 Device Controller, Announced 12V Dual Coil DC Brushless Motor Driver Controller.
2000 Announced the USB1.1 to Serial Bridge Controller, Announced 5V Single Coil DC Brushless Motor Controller, USB Network Bridge Controller awarded by the Ministry of Economics with the 7th Innovative Research Awards, Announced the USB1.1 to Dual Serial Bridge Controller.
1999 Announced the second generation chip with network function —USB to USB Network Bridge Controller. Announced the USB1.1 to Printer/Scanner Bridge controller. Announced the USB1.1 to IDE Storage Bridge Controller.
1998 Developed Apple Computer AppleTalk interface for printer controller. Announced the world's first USB to USB data transfer single chip controller.
1997 Formally established in November.

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