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Hall Effect Sensor varies its output voltage in accordance to applied magnetic flux. It is a magnetic sensor with several advantages such as high reliability, low-power consumption, and compact size. General applications are used in Notebook PCs, proximity sensors, flux meters, flow meters, current sensors, and BLDC (brushless DC) motors. Hall effect sensor is the world’s most popular magnetic sensor in consumer electronics, industrial automation, and automotive electronics.


Prolific Technology first announced its magnetic sensor product in 1997, and since then, has continually expanded its Hall Sensor product line. Prolific’s Hall sensors include features like enhanced temperature compensation, high-magnetic sensitivity, and highly concentrated distribution. Prolific’s Hall sensor products are also qualified using AEC-Q100 test standard (for automotive electronics industry) to provide the highest quality and customer satisfaction possible.


PKG   Type 











PT3601 SOT-23 Latch 2.5~18 +/-15 30 -40~+125 Open Drain General purpose
PT3602 SOT-23 Latch 2.5~18 +/-15 30 -40~+125  Internal Pull-up

General purpose 

PT3603 SOT-23 Latch 2.5~18 +/-15 30 -40~+125  Internal Pull-up*

General purpose 

PT3611 SOT-23/TO-92 Latch 3.8~24 +/-26 52 -40~+150 Open Drain Automotive
PT3617 SOT-23/TO-92 Latch 2.5~38 +/-22 44 -40~+150 Open Drain  


PT3621 SOT-23 Switch 2.5~18 +105-+85 40 -40~+125 Open Drain

General purpose 

PT3636 SOT-23/TO-92 Switch 3.8~24 +55-+35 20 -40~+150 Open Drain  Automotive
PT3639 SOT-23/TO-92 Switch 3.8~24 -55-+35 20 -40~+150 Open Drain  Automotive
PT3652  TO-92 Latch 2.5~18 +150~-150 300 -40~+125 Open Drain  

General purpose

PT3661 SOT-23 Omnipolar 2.5~5 +/-35 8 -40~+125 Open Drain  

General purpose


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