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All-in-one cooling Fan Driver IC combines both Hall sensor and driver component. It is an excellent solution in terms of size reduction and high-efficiency advantages. Areas of application range from Notebook PCs, game consoles, home appliances, OA products, automotive industry, and others. Prolific Technology is dedicated to the development of Smart Fan Driver IC and has announced a series of 5V/12V/24V cooling fan driver since year 2000.
Prolific’s Smart Fan Driver ICs are based on high sensitivity Hall sensor techniques and integrates its own patented linear switch techniques. In addition, Prolific also includes smart features such as Auto-Restart and Anti-Lock for intelligent operation. Prolific’s Fan Driver ICs are also qualified using AEC-Q100 test standard (for automotive electronics industry) to provide the highest quality and best customer experience and satisfaction. Prolific is the best choice for providing high-efficiency, high-stability, and low-noise cooling fan driver IC solution.
  App. PKG   Coil 



  FG    RD  PWM







PT3905 12V TO92-5 D V   V   V 2.7~18V -40~+85C
PT3906 12V TO92-5 D V V     V 2.7~18V -40~+85C
PT3907 12V TO92-4 D V       V 2.7~18V  -40~+85C
PT3911N 12V TO92-4 D V       V 2.7~28V* -40~+85C
PT3921 12V TO92-4 S V       V 2.4~18V -40~+85C
PT3923 12V TSOT26 S V V   V V 2.4~16V -40~+85C
PT3925 12V TSOT25 S V   V   V 2.4~18V -40~+85C
PT3926 12V TSOT25 S V V     V 2.4~18V -40~+85C
PL392F 12V SOP10F S V V   V V 3.8~16V -40~+125C
PL392P 12V DFN12 S V V   V V 3.8~16V -40~+125C
PT3931 24V TO92-4 S V       V 4.5~30V -40~+85C
PT3935 24V TO92-5 S V   V   V 4.5~30V -40~+85C
PT3936 24V TO92-5 S V V     V 4.5~30V -40~+85C
PT3937 24V TO92-5 S V   V   V 4.5~32V -40~+85C
PT3938 24V TO92-5 S V V     V 4.5~32V -40~+85C


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