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MA6116   USB 2.0 to SATA Bridge Controller


MA6116A is a bridge chip for USB to SATA interface, translating the host SCSI command to ATA/ATAPI command of SATA device, targeting the external HDD application. MA6116A complies with the USB Storage Class specifications ver.1.0 Bulk mode protocol and compatible with Windows, Mac OS 9, Linux. With the in-house DMA and Transceiver capability, MA6116A provides the market most outstanding read/write performance and BOM cost.


  • USB
    • Mass storage Device
    • USB Bus-powered
    • Support Suspend
    • Integrated USB 2.0 UTMI transceiver and Serial Interface Engine (SIE)
    • Endpoint:
      • Endpoint 0: 64bytescontroltransfer
      • Endpoint 1: 512bytes bulk transfer for IN transaction
      • Endpoint 2: 512bytes bulk transfer for OUT transaction.
    • Work with the default driver from Windows, Mac9.2, Mac OS X, Linux2.4.2
  • Integrated MCU compatible 8-bit micro-controller
  • Support IIC Bus EEPROM
  • SATA PM-Aware Function
  • Support Pass through S.M.A.R.T Command
  • Support HDD power saving (Stand-by) mode, setting by MP Tool
  • Support over 2TB HDD
  • Support Watch Dog Function
  • SATA Specification
    • Compliance with Gen1i of Serial ATA II Electronic Specification 1.0
  • Embedded 5V to 3.3V/1.8V Voltage Regulator
  • High System ESD performance
  • Proprietary OTB (One Button Backup) and EZ-Secure (Password Partition) AP support
  • Extra “Read Only Disk” support for data Pre-load , and enabled by MP Tool
  • Neutral “Mass Storage Class Device” string support. (MA6116A2)



  • SSOP28
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