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PL2536   USB 2.0 to eMMC Bridge Controller


The PL2536 is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Multi-Partition eMMC bridge controller that can partition the eMMC card into 3 drive areas: CD-ROM, Public and Security drive. The capacity for each partition can be easily configured using the PL2536 MP Tool software. The Security partition can be locked and unlocked with a user password setting. For CD-ROM only application, the Public partition can be removed during MP configuration. Similarly, for generic USB flash disk application, the CD-ROM partition can also be removed. Customers can also program their own company and product information (VID/PID, Manufacturer name, Product name, and Serial Number strings) into the hidden area of the eMMC memory.

The PL2536 has a built-in MOSFET for eMMC cards power supply and built-in 5V to 3.3V/1.2V regulators. The PL2536 is crystal-less design that saves the system BOM cost.

The PL2536 complies with the USB specification Rev. 2.0 and USB Mass Storage Class specification Rev.1.0. The PL2536 is plug-and-play and no driver installation needed. The standard USB mass storage drivers are already built inside Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (kernel 2.4 above) operating systems including Windows 10 and Mac OS X versions.


  • Complies with USB Specification Rev. 2.0
  • Supports eMMC4.41 Specifications
  • Programmable eMMC card partitions:
    • Maximum 3 partitions configuration: CD-ROM, Public, Security
    • Each partition capacity can be easily configured
    • Includes password protection for the Security partition
  • Customized VID/PID, serial number and manufacturer/product string information can be stored in the hidden area of the eMMC card.
  • System configurations are also stored in the hidden area. (Ex. Write protect, password enable…)
  • Auto-run ISO file can be stored in the CD-ROM partition
  • Public partition is used for generic USB Flash Drive application
  • Configure the features and partitions by MP tool softwar
  • No driver installation needed. USB Mass Storage Class specification compliant. Drivers are already built-in inside most popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Built-in 3.3V MOSEFT for eMMC card power supply
  • Built-in 5V to 3.3V and 5V to 1.2V regulators
  • In-house Crystal-less Oscillator design to save BOM
  • 4.5V~5.5V operating power supply



  • SSOP28 small-size
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