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PL7413   4ch Power/Energy Metering AFE Controller


PL7413 is a highly integrated power monitoring IC that measures electricity-related data for power usage measurement applications. It has built-in 4-channel ADC and a programmable DSP which can adapt to different applications such as metering, power protection and Master/Slave.

PL7413 has a built-in MTP that stores the chip configuration, DSP code and calibration data. It provides SPI/I2C/UART interface and can be used for calibration and programming data or DSP code. MCU can be accessed through SPI/I2C/UART interface.

PL7413 can diagnose the electricity-related data to identify overloading, short circuit, leakage current and arcing condition for further power protection features. It also provides a flexible architecture, low system BOM cost and programmable solution, to help manufacturers minimize development efforts and design a versatile and flexible product.


  • ADC Input
    • 4-ch 24bit SD ADC
    • 3-ch differential and 1-ch single-end input with PGA (1X~32X)
    • For voltage or current signal input
  • Programmable DSP function
    • Individual program and data space
    • Configurable DSP parameter
    • Built-in IEEE 754 floating point format conversion
  • SPI/I2C/UART interface for
    • MCU mode interface
    • Calibration and MTP programming usage
  • UART auto baud rate detection
  • MTP memory for
    • Chip configuration
    • Calibration data
    • DSP configuration data
  • 5V/3.3V to 1.8V internal LDO
  • 5V tolerance GPIO
  • Supports 16MHz external crystal or internal oscillator
  • Built-in Watch-dog timer


  • QFN24
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