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MA8121   USB 2.0 SD/MMC Card Reader Controller

The MA8121K is a USB 2.0 Card Reader controller by a highly integrated single chip solution designed to deliver high-speed data transmission between USB2.0 and SD, SDHC, miniSD, Micro SD(T-Flash), interfaces specification.

The MA8121K is offered with 24QFN package. MA8121K complies with USB specification Rev. 2.0 and USB Mass Storage Class specification Rev. 1.0.

MA8121K integrates an on-chip clock source which provides stable clock source which can be used to replace the external 12Mhz crystal oscillator. Manufacturers can effectively reduce the BOM and labor cost on PCBA. MA8121K is the SD card reader with the best C/P value.

n   USB

ü   Fully compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 specification

ü   Support USB 2.0 specification for 480Mbit/sec and 12Mbit/sec operation

ü   USB Device Class Definition for Mass Storage , Bulk-Transport v1.0

ü   USB 2.0 Bus Power device spec. compliance

ü   Endpoint:

Ø   Endpoint 0: 64 bytes control transfer.

Ø   Endpoint 1: 512 bytes bulk transfer for IN transaction.

Ø   Endpoint 2: 512 bytes bulk transfer for OUT transaction.

Ø   Single Slot support for MMC/SD/MS card

Ø   MMC/SD card support

Ø   Support SD 1.1/2.0/SDHC, Micro SD 1.1/2.0/SDHC, Mimi SD card

Ø   Support SD High Speed Mode

n   Work with the default driver from windows 2000/XP/ME/Vista/Win7, Mac9.2, Mac OS X,

n   Linux

RedHat, Linux Fedora

On-Chip Clock Source to replace external 12Mhz external crystal Integrated 5V to 3.3V/1.8V Voltage Regulator

  • Package Type : Support QFN24 with 4bit SD
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