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The PL7223 is a highly integrated metering IC which measures power/voltage/current data for power usage measurement application. PL7223 can play with different operation mode. Like the M/S(Master-Slave), AVM(Auto-Voltage Margin) or AFE (analog front-end) application. The system block diagram is shown as Figure 1 1.

Serve as Master-Slave controller, PL7223 can detect the master power usage. When master go into the suspend mode, PL7223 can turn-off slave power supply.

Server as Auto-Voltage Margin controller, PL7223 can monitor the AC line voltage condition. When enter the warning alarm zone or danger zone, PL7223 will issue the alarm or power off signal.

Server as Power Protection controller, PL7223 can switch off the relay when the load current exceeds the rated current. Three sets of parameters can be configured for different conditions, which include instantaneous, short time and long time power protection.

Server as Analog Front End (AFE), PL7223 play as the energy measurement front-end, which can calculate VRMS, IRMS, Power, P.F(Power Factor) and line frequency …etc. All the power data can be accessed through the SPI interface. It can operate standalone or co-work with low prices/general-purpose micro-processor can be bundled with PL7223 for further energy related applications.


  • 2CH ADC with 1X ~ 32X PGA (Programmable Gain Amp)
  • Programmable DSP for different application and power parameter calculation
  • MTP ROM for DSP Code and calibration data
  • Multiple-Clock Source input
    • Internal oscillator
    • External R/C OSC
    • External Crystal OSC
  • Flexible I/O Interface support
    • SPI Slave
    • GPIO x3
  • Low operation voltage and power consumption
    • 3.3V power supply w internal 3.3V/1.8V LDO
    • 10mW operation power


  • Master-Slave power strip
  • Auto-Voltage Margin Protection.
  • OC/OV Power Protection
  • AFE (Analog Front End). Further energy application based on Power/Voltage/Current/P.F.
  • Measurement.


  • SSOP-20
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